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About Director

ELCON CABLE TRAYS PVT. LTD. , Mr. Rathi believes in putting his dreams into action. A true proactive and a dynamic individual, he took ELCON from a modest beginning in the year 1988 to a 50 crore company today.

Mr. Dinesh S Rathi is an Electronic Engineer of the 1987 batch with a First Class and Distinction. Under his able guidance and strong leadership qualities, ELCON flourished in the field of supply of Erection Hardware to become a market leader. A small town boy,

Mr. Rathi migrated to Mumbai from Amravati in the year 1987 to join Sony Orson. The hustle & bustle of Mumbai put him on further journey and he shifted to Pune to join Hi Tech & Conlex. In the year 1988, his calling – to become an Entrepreneur, and the fascination of leaving a legacy led to the inception of ELCON.

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